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Pokemon Overworld Mappping

— posted February 27, 2016

Ever wanted to create your own Pokémon overworld map, like Hoenn or Sinnoh ? Well, this is the place for you ! Here, you'll learn how to design your region, very easily !

Of course, I have to show the result, so you can judge whether you want to do it or not ! So there it goes, this is the new region of Sherme ! Yes, it looks like more Hoenn than Sinnoh, except a few details, that change everything.

Starting with the lands

Alright, let's get started. You'll need some tools first, like this map background and this palette, on top of the cities sprites. Open MSPaint of Photofiltre (or even something else, but you'll need to do pixel art stuff so make sure it is possible !).

Then, let's start drawing the map itself : take a new 240*160px image, and fill the background with a temp color. Take a gray pencil, and start drawing. Remember one thing : this is a sketch, so don't worry if things are a bit ugly !

Then, over this sketch, start drawing more precisely the lands. A tip is to notice that coasts are not smooth at all but a bit torn up. So don't try to to draw nice curves but "hesitate" with your pen. You should end up with the following. Also, notice I haven't completely followed my first lines, but I changed my mind at some random places. A good point is to imagine a bit of story when drawing (like the lunul island at the top right corner). Don't forget to remove the gray pen when you're done !

The relief

Now, use the palette to draw the relief. Remember one thing or two : islands mustn't have a pronounced relief, and mountains are centered in the middle of the lands. My tip is to place a red dot where you'd expect a summit.

You're done with the map itself ! Now, let's move into the roads and the cities (the longest/hardest part).

The roads and the cities

First of all, take this grid. You'll have to paste it over a copy of your map, with a transparency (I took 20%). Photofiltres does that well : paste it over, then Right Click > Options > Now set the transparency.

You'll get something like this (don't forget to keep the palette ! You'll need it) :

Then, we can take our filling bucket and start drawing the roads. It is the hardest part. Look at how I build them. Be careful to use well the palette ! The flatter relief (the darkest green) coreesponds to the darker orange ! Also, the orange that is set apart in the palette corresponds to roads above water. Let me give you a tip : colorize red the 8*8px squares that won't be a road, so you won't get lost ! When you're done, place the cities.

After placing the cities, you'll end up with something like this (after having removed the map portions that weren't roads) :

At last...

Then, what you have to do is paste this over your map, without forgetting to remove the pink ! Finally, paste your map over the map background, and you're done !

— posted by Anthony SAINT-CRIQ